Cancer Metabolism and Signaling Networks Program

intestinal epithelia

Adaptive strategies

As tumors rapidly develop, they outgrow their blood supply and the stores of nutrients and growth-stimulating metabolites they need to survive. 

To satisfy their needs, cancer cells reprogram their metabolism, remodel their surroundings, recruit non-malignant cells and even provide aid to each other—engaging in “cross-talk” to help expand their population. Tumors use the same adaptive strategies to resist chemotherapy, targeted therapy and to suppress the immune system.

Program statement

We are studying the metabolic and signaling pathways that support tumor growth metastasis, drug resistance and immune suppression. We make significant efforts to build dialogue with clinicians and physician scientists across the country and in neighboring institutions to ensure the translational and human relevance of our research. As our knowledge of the adaptive strategies tumors use to survive increases, so does the number of molecules and pathways we can potentially target for cancer treatment.



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