Breast Cancer - Cancer Center Open House

Visit the labs where the latest treatment research is happening now
Vivian Tieu working at microscope in the lab

Date and time

September 28, 2023

3:30 PM - 6:30 PM PT


Chairmen's Hall

Building 5
10901 N. Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, CA 92037


Stimulating the immune system to attack breast cancer. Overcoming drug resistance. Controlling cancer metabolism. Reducing disparities in outcomes. Meet the scientists tackling these issues and learn about their recent exciting discoveries. Ask a doctor about current treatment options and get an insider’s view on what’s coming in the future.


The open house

This is a unique opportunity to:

  • Meet and share experiences with other people affected by cancer.
  • Learn how breast cancer starts and how cancer cells can become resistant to treatment.
  • Learn about some of the most promising approaches for new treatments.
  • See state-of-the-art drug screening robots.
  • Talk directly with survivors and a clinician. 


Your hosts

This open house is hosted by the Cancer Center’s Community Advisory Board. Its members strive to bridge the gap between biomedical science and the people who need it most: patients and the families and friends who love and support them.

The event takes place on campus in Chairmen's Hall, Building 5, followed by tours and a reception.

Guests will have the opportunity to mingle with cancer scientists, survivors, and research advocates during an informal evening reception featuring healthy nibbles and refreshing drinks. Guided tours will be offered throughout the event, giving attendees a behind-the-scenes look into our scientists’ varied approaches to cancer research.

Brooke Emerling, Ph.D.
Co-Director and Associate Professor
Cancer Metabolism and Microenvironment Program
NCI-Designated Cancer Center

Svasti Haricharan, Ph.D.
Co-Director and Assistant Professor
Cancer Genome and Epigenetics Program
Associate Director, Training and Education
NCI-Designated Cancer Center

Charles Spruck, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Cancer Genome and Epigenetics Program
NCI-Designated Cancer Center

Angelique E. Richardson, M.D., Ph.D.
Medical Oncologist
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
UC San Diego