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Shared Resources

State-of-the-art instrumentation, facilities and services

Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute has an extensive Shared Resources system with over 20 core facilities. Their primary mission is to provide advanced technology, expertise and instrumentation to investigators that may not be easily acquired by individual laboratories.

The cores, staffed by technical experts, offer high quality interactive services that provide not only cost-effective sample analysis, but also assistance in experimental design, data analysis and grant or manuscript preparation. Many of the cores offer a choice of full service, or investigator training on their advanced instrumentation for independent use. Most cores facilities can also provide expert services for outside nonprofit and for-profit investigators – contact the Facility Manager or Director regarding service availability.

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Animal Resources

Animal Facility
Animal Imaging and Analysis
Model Organisms
Tumor Analysis

Cell Analysis and Histopathology

Cellular Imaging
Flow Cytometry
Stem Cells

Structural Biology

Protein Analysis

Genomics Technologies

Functional Genomics
Viral Vectors

Proteomics & Metabolomics

Cancer Metabolism



Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery

Assay Development
Hight Content Screening
High-Throughput Screening
Medicinal Chemistry