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Bioinformatics (Lake Nona)

Offering informatics support for SBP investigators to explore, understand and analyze complex biological data at the system level.


The Bioinformatics Core Facility at Lake Nona offers informatics support for SBP investigators to explore, understand and analyze complex biological data at the system level. Our core is equipped with cutting-edge computational infrastructure and a selective collection of bioinformatics software. Bioinformatics experts are available to address your needs quickly and effectively, and are ready to apply sophisticated computational approaches for acquiring, managing, analyzing and integrating high-dimensional biological data. Our facility develops and implements algorithms, software and databases. We provide bioinformatics services in the fields ranging from functional genomics to translational researches. More specifically, our services include consultation, data analysis and management, software development, and accessing to large computing resources.


To meet various demands from the investigators, we provide services at multiple levels, from full service to cost-effective limited service as well as collaborative projects requiring longer-term commitment of time and effort. Every study is unique, so please contact us to discuss your service needs.

Our basic services are:

  • Biostatistical assistance, experimental design and power analysis
  • Custom array design
  • Target design for enrichment and deep sequencing
  • High-throughput omic data analysis (e.g. microarray, next-generation sequencing, metabolomics and proteomics)
  • Functional enrichment and pathway analysis
  • Statistical genetics and SNP analysis
  • PD/PK data analysis and physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling
  • Advanced data mining and integrative analysis
  • Grant applications assistance
  • Custom applications development


  • Statistical analysis: R, MATLAB
  • DNA analysis: VectorNTI
  • qPCR: StatMiner, BioConductor
  • Microarray: Partek, BioConductor and GenePattern
  • Systems Biology: Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, MetaCore, NextBio
  • Next-Generation Sequencing: BioScope, Partek, Avadis NGS, and open-source programs
  • Statistical Genetics: Merlin and GeneHunter
  • Linux servers and workstations
  • High performance clusters
  • Centralized storage servers


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