Join us for the second cancer center open house - November 6

| Written by rbruni
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Sanford-Burnham’s NCI-Designated Cancer Center and the Cancer Center’s Community Advisory Board will host the second annual Cancer Center open house for cancer survivors, their families and friends, and research advocates on November 6 at 4:30 p.m. in La Jolla, Calif.

The open house, titled “The Science Behind Melanoma,” will focus on revealing the latest discoveries and breakthroughs in the deadly skin disease coming out of cancer center's laboratories. The evening will also feature a brief welcome and overview of the fight against melanoma by Randy Lomax, Chair Emeritus of the Melanoma Research Foundation and President/CEO, MRF-BC, as well as guided lab tours and an informal reception, featuring healthy snacks and refreshing beverages.

Guests are invited to speak directly with cancer scientists, as well as join one or all of the guided tours offered. Tours will include:

From Basic Research to Future Treatments Learn how scientists are identifying new therapy targets in melanoma Tour leader: Ze’ev Ronai, Ph.D.

 How Cancer Drugs are Discovered Find out what it takes to turn therapy targets into a drug for clinical testing Tour leader: Garth Powis, D.Phil.

Hitting Cancer Cells Where it Hurts: Targeted Delivery of Drugs Discover how the next generation of ammunition to target cancer is being developed Tour leader: Maurizio Pellecchia, Ph.D.

Please join us for this exceptional event! Space is limited. Register now to attend this free event!


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