Scientists and donors gather for STRIVE

| Written by Susan Gammon, Ph.D.
The Browars with two STRIVE recipients

Every new medicine starts with an idea, and today, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) scientists and donors gathered to hear updates on STRIVE research projects helping scientists put those ideas into practice.

The STRIVE program was initiated at SBP to provide funding for experiments that test novel ideas that could help address unmet clinical needs.  The program is open to all faculty, postdoctoral researchers, staff scientists and graduate students, and urges applicants to think big.  Projects are selected based on whether they include a go/no-go experiment that shows there is reason to believe in the future impact of the research, a clear next step, or a reason to kill the project.

Today’s event was attended by Matt and Nancy Browar, donors who have generously provided funds to the STRIVE program. Two of the projects they support have received green lights to continue:

  • A novel peptide for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease, a project of Aman Mann, Ph.D.
  • Therapeutic intervention in metabolic syndrome and obesity-related cancers, research done by Stan Walls, Ph.D.

To date, more than 100 STRIVE applications have been received, and 16 chosen for funding.  The event today showcased 10 of the projects with themes ranging from pancreatic cancer to leukemia, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and tumor imaging.

STRIVE’s goal is to fuel translational research breakthroughs. If you are interested in supporting research in the program, read more here.

In photo, from left: Stan Walls, Matt Browar, Aman Mann, Nancy Browar

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