Dennis Otero, Ph.D.

Dennis Otero's Research Focus

Inflammatory/Autoimmune Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Immune Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes
Immune System and Inflammation
Cell Biology

Dennis works in the Bradley lab where he investigates autoimmune disease and immune checkpoint modulators that can be used to block autoimmune disease or promote an immune response to virus or tumor cells.

Dennis Otero's Bio

Previously, he was a postdoc and project scientist at UC San Diego, where he also received his Ph.D.

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IFN-β Selectively Inhibits IL-2 Production through CREM-Mediated Chromatin Remodeling.

Otero DC, Fares-Frederickson NJ, Xiao M, Baker DP, David M

J Immunol 2015 Jun 1 ;194(11):5120-8

T cell-intrinsic and -extrinsic contributions of the IFNAR/STAT1-axis to thymocyte survival.

Moro H, Otero DC, Tanabe Y, David M

PLoS One 2011 ;6(9):e24972

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PSGL-1 attenuates early TCR signaling to suppress CD8(+) T cell progenitor differentiation and elicit terminal CD8(+) T cell exhaustion.

Hope JL, Otero DC, Bae EA, Stairiker CJ, Palete AB, Faso HA, Lin M, Henriquez ML, Roy S, Seo H, Lei X, Wang ES, Chow S, Tinoco R, Daniels GA, Yip K, Campos AR, Yin J, Adams PD, Rao A, Bradley LM

Cell Rep 2023 Apr 26 ;42(5):112436

MicroRNA-139 Expression Is Dispensable for the Generation of Influenza-Specific CD8(+) T Cell Responses.

Hope JL, Zhao M, Stairiker CJ, Kiernan CH, Carey AJ, Mueller YM, van Meurs M, Brouwers-Haspels I, Otero DC, Bae EA, Faso HA, Maas A, de Looper H, Fortina PM, Rigoutsos I, Bradley LM, Erkeland SJ, Katsikis PD

J Immunol 2022 Feb 1 ;208(3):603-617

Siah2 control of T-regulatory cells limits anti-tumor immunity.

Scortegagna M, Hockemeyer K, Dolgalev I, Poźniak J, Rambow F, Li Y, Feng Y, Tinoco R, Otero DC, Zhang T, Brown K, Bosenberg M, Bradley LM, Marine JC, Aifantis I, Ronai ZA

Nat Commun 2020 Jan 7 ;11(1):99

Striking a Balance-Cellular and Molecular Drivers of Memory T Cell Development and Responses to Chronic Stimulation.

Hope JL, Stairiker CJ, Bae EA, Otero DC, Bradley LM

Front Immunol 2019 ;10:1595

PSGL-1: A New Player in the Immune Checkpoint Landscape.

Tinoco R, Otero DC, Takahashi AA, Bradley LM

Trends Immunol 2017 May ;38(5):323-335

PSGL-1 Is an Immune Checkpoint Regulator that Promotes T Cell Exhaustion.

Tinoco R, Carrette F, Barraza ML, Otero DC, Magaña J, Bosenberg MW, Swain SL, Bradley LM

Immunity 2016 Jun 21 ;44(6):1470

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