Helen Eckmann, Ed.D.

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Helen Eckmann, Ed.D.

Community Advisory Board Member

Helen Eckmann's Bio

Dr. Helen Eckmann has been diagnosed with breast cancer at three different times. The first diagnosis was when she was 42. At 50 Helen was diagnosed with cancer for the third time and she elected for a double mastectomy. As it turned out during that final diagnosis she was working on her dissertation at the University of San Diego in the School of Leadership and Education. Helen's dissertation was "You are with someone who is a fighter" was her in-depth interviews with seven survivors who had "self-identified" as being stronger after surviving cancer than before.

Helen has four children and nine grandchildren. She works full time at Brandman University for the past five years as faculty in the business school. She is responsible for Sustainability, Strategy, Supply Chain and Innovation classes for the BBA and the MBA programs.

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