Sanford Children's Health Research Center

Sanford Children's Health Research Center

Diseases that predominantly affect children are too often unaddressed by the biopharmaceutical industry and government funding agencies.

"I have the utmost confidence that we can discover solutions to some of the most troubling health issues that affect children."

Denny Sanford, Naming donor and Honorary Trustee


A world leader in providing solutions to childhood diseases

Our mission is to generate translational discoveries about such childhood diseases as diabetes, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, hypophosphatasia (bone disorders), and congenital disorders of glycosylation.


Human Genetics Program

We are discovering the genetic roots of human disorders and translating that knowledge for patient well-being and potential treatments.

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Webinar - 3/18/21

Fighting Rare Diseases

Finding Cures – Bringing Hope

Join us as we meet Hudson Freeze, Ph.D., José Luis Millán, Ph.D., and two of the patients they cured for a conversation on how their research is saving the lives of children facing rare disease.

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Latest news


Quantitative atomic force microscopy provides new insight into matrix vesicle mineralization.

Plaut JS, Strzelecka-Kiliszek A, Bozycki L, Pikula S, Buchet R, Mebarek S, Chadli M, Bolean M, Simao AMS, Ciancaglini P, Magrini A, Rosato N, Magne D, Girard-Egrot A, Farquharson C, Esener SC, Millan JL, Bottini M

Arch Biochem Biophys 2019 May 30 ;667:14-21

Cardiac Hyaluronan Synthesis Is Critically Involved in the Cardiac Macrophage Response and Promotes Healing After Ischemia Reperfusion Injury.

Petz A, Grandoch M, Gorski DJ, Abrams M, Piroth M, Schneckmann R, Homann S, Müller J, Hartwig S, Lehr S, Yamaguchi Y, Wight TN, Gorressen S, Ding Z, Kötter S, Krüger M, Heinen A, Kelm M, Gödecke A, Flögel U, Fischer JW

Circ Res 2019 May 10 ;124(10):1433-1447

Arrest of Fetal Brain Development in ALG11-Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation.

Mulkey SB, Ng BG, Vezina GL, Bulas DI, Wolfe LA, Freeze HH, Ferreira CR

Pediatr Neurol 2019 May ;94:64-69


Expanding the Phenotype, Genotype and Biochemical Knowledge of ALG3-CDG.

Alsharhan H, Ng BG, Daniel EJP, Friedman J, Pivnick EK, Al-Hashem A, Faqeih EA, Liu P, Engelhardt NM, Keller KN, Chen J, Mazzeo PA, University of Washington Center for Mendelian Genomics (UW-CMG)., Rosenfeld JA, Bamshad MJ, Nickerson DA, Raymond KM, Freeze HH, He M, Edmondson AC, Lam C

J Inherit Metab Dis 2021 Feb 13 ;

α-Synuclein Oligomers Induce Glutamate Release from Astrocytes and Excessive Extrasynaptic NMDAR Activity in Neurons, Thus Contributing to Synapse Loss.

Trudler D, Sanz-Blasco S, Eisele YS, Ghatak S, Bodhinathan K, Akhtar MW, Lynch WP, Piña-Crespo JC, Talantova M, Kelly JW, Lipton SA

J Neurosci 2021 Jan 22 ;

Small-molecule screen reveals synergy of cell cycle checkpoint kinase inhibitors with DNA-damaging chemotherapies in medulloblastoma.

Endersby R, Whitehouse J, Pribnow A, Kuchibhotla M, Hii H, Carline B, Gande S, Stripay J, Ancliffe M, Howlett M, Schoep T, George C, Andradas C, Dyer P, Schluck M, Patterson B, Tacheva-Gigorova SK, Cooper MN, Robinson G, Stewart C, Pfister SM, Kool M, Milde T, Gajjar A, Johns T, Wechsler-Reya RJ, Roussel MF, Gottardo NG

Sci Transl Med 2021 Jan 20 ;13(577)

Maternal immune activation in mice disrupts proteostasis in the fetal brain.

Kalish BT, Kim E, Finander B, Duffy EE, Kim H, Gilman CK, Yim YS, Tong L, Kaufman RJ, Griffith EC, Choi GB, Greenberg ME, Huh JR

Nat Neurosci 2021 Feb ;24(2):204-213

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