Model Organisms

Providing model systems, training and technician assistance.

Model Organisms Research in progress


The Facility provides Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans as model systems. The client interested in finding out if their gene or protein of interest has a phenotype can use the Facility to discuss their ideas and how to design the experiments. The Facility also provides training in how to manipulate the organisms, use equipment and provides technician assistance.


  • Provides D. melanogaster and C. elegans as model systems
  • Consultation and assistance for design of experiments
  • Training to handle the organisms and how to use equipment
  • Technician assistance
  • Ordering of flies and worms (RNAi-lines, mutants etc)
  • Provides fly food
  • Provides long time storage of flies and worms

Equipment & Resources

  • Dissecting Microscope Leica MZ16F
  • Apotome Optical Sectioning
  • Time lapse Zeiss Imager .M1

Price List

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