A Molecular Biologist's View of Implicit Bias

Improving the recruitment of underrepresented faculty and students
Lydia Villa-Komaroff,

Date and time

February 7, 2022

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT



About the seminar

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Why do research and educational institutions have difficulties in attracting and retaining individuals from underrepresented groups?

Real world examples demonstrate that academic institutions can make remarkable progress in recruiting underrepresented groups as students and faculty when they recognize and compensate for the realities of how the human mind works.

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Lydia Villa-Komaroff, Ph.D.
Molecular Biologist & Business Executive   
Founder & President, Intersections Consulting • Co-founder, SACNAS



Angelica Rocha, Ph.D. & Paula Checchi, Ph.D.
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Sponsored by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council