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Postdoctoral training

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Postdoctoral Training

Career & Professional Development
The SBP Office of Education, Training, & International Services provides students and postdocs with innovative, interactive and practical workshops and events to enhance their education and research training.  The goal is to ensure that SBP students and postdocs are equipped with the information and skills they need to confidently make professional decisions as they transition to the next step of their training or career.



As an SBP graduate student or postdoc, you have the opportunity to attend workshops and events developed to enhance your education and training, as well as prepare you to successfully transition to the next stage in your career.  In partnership with the SBP Science Network and ConneX, the Office of Education, Training & International Services designs an annual program plan to cover an array of scientific career and professional development topics. Below is an example of the wealth of opportunities available for you as a graduate student or postdoc at SBP.


SBP Leadership Development Program

Although many leadership courses provide participants with skills that apply in various career paths,personal style preferences can affect the way individuals approach problems and interact with team members, which impacts their leadership effectiveness.   SBP has developed a six module 12-month program that gives advanced graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at SBP, The Scripps Research Institute, Salk Institute and University of California San Diego insight into how their innate preferences and associated behaviors can affect their leadership styles, impact their teams, and ultimately affect their career satisfaction and success.

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SBP Science Network (SBP-SN)

The SBP Science Network (SBP-SN) is the association of postdoctoral scientists and graduate students at SBP that fosters social and scientific networking among young researchers at SBP and other institutes on the Torrey Pines Research Mesa and nationwide.  SBP-SN and its affiliate ConneX are integral components of the SBP education and training experience.

Throughout the year the SBP Science Network (SBP-SN) hosts social and scientific events to facilitate networking among young scientists within SBP and with scientists at other institutes and organizations.  SBP-SNs efforts include the annual Postdoc Symposium, annual SBP Career Day, Outstanding Scientist seminars, Institute Happy Hours and Vendor Shows, Off-Site Social Events and Trips.  In addition, SBP-SN partners with the Office of Education, Training, & International Services to co-sponsor professional development workshops.

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SBP is an important and crucial part of the Torrey Pines bio hub and the worldwide scientific community. ConneX strives to build stronger relationships with local companies and institutions to enhance SBP’s impact and the careers of its employees.

ConneX organizes site visits to companies and helps position SBP scientists on a platform from where they can individually approach their goals. These goals may include career options with companies, initiation of collaborations, and development of better product solutions for labs.

ConneX also seeks to encourage new entrepreneurs and to interact with current life science start-ups.

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Current Postdoctoral Training Opportunities at SBP

Interested in joining the SBP team? Take a look at our current postdoctoral training opportunities. You may also read in the blog posts below about the experiences and successes of some SBP postdocs to get a better idea of what the Institute has to offer.

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