Research reveals why some tumors have different makeup of cells

Molecular changes in cells called fibroblasts may explain why one type of colon cancer doesn’t respond to therapy, according to a new study by Drs. Jorge Moscat-Guillen and Maria Diaz-Meco, adjunct professors at Sanford Burnham Prebys.

Moderna Vaccine Around 95% Effective Shows Promise For End Of COVID-19 Pandemic

As coronavirus cases surge across the country, topping out at a million new cases in less than a week, there’s at least some promising news.

‘It’s very safe’: Doctor volunteers for Moderna vaccine trial

The world may see two coronavirus vaccines before the end of the year. Dr. Carl Ware may have already received a dose.

Killing cancer by blocking cell doors

Blocking the nuclear pore complexes of melanoma cells might help stop them from growing, a new study suggested.

San Diego’s pandemic stories

We asked 16 locals—from students to nurses, hoteliers and store owners—how they're working through the pandemic and helping others.