16th Annual SBP Postdoctoral Research Symposium

| Written by Susan Gammon

Future scientific leaders gathered to attend SBP’s 16th Annual Postdoctoral Research Symposium—an event that showcased the talent of our young researchers, many of whom are in the midst of scholarly training beyond their doctoral degree.

The day began with a workshop led by Professor Carl Ware, Ph.D., titled, “Science Funding in Uncertain Times.” For the young scientists in the audience, they gleaned valuable insights on when and where they should seek funding, and the types of publications and collaborations they should aim for. As faculty positions in academia become increasingly competitive, a solid track record of funding, publications and collaborations become key measures used to make hiring decisions.

Keynote speaker Peter Schultz, Ph.D., CEO of The Scripps Research Institute, gave an impressive talk on his efforts to expand the genetic code. Schultz, a chemist by training, is inspired to create new amino acids, beyond the 20 essential ones in existence, to advance cancer therapies, create new vaccines, novel chemical probes and improved antibiotics. The audience was truly “wowed” by his vision and track record of achievements.

The agenda followed with 20-minute talks by postdocs including:

• David Sala Cano, Ph.D. (Sacco Lab)
• Yang Wei, Ph.D. (Petroski Lab)
• Maria Missinato, Ph.D. (Colas Lab)
• Anjali Gupta, graduate student (Ocorr Lab)
• Marco Maruggi, graduate student (Powis Lab)
• Clyde Campbell (graduate student Dong Lab)
• Jing Yong, Ph.D. (Kaufman Lab)
• Laura Martin-Sancho, Ph.D. (Chanda Lab)

The event closed with a poster session featuring more than 30 presentations by SBP’s best and brightest young scientists. Many congratulations to all that participated in the Symposium, and thanks to the organizers at the Office of Education, Training, & International Services (OETIS) at SBP.

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