Join us for the third annual cancer center open house – June 11

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Sanford-Burnham’s NCI-designated Cancer Center and the Cancer Center’s Community Advisory Board will host the third annual Cancer Center open house for cancer survivors, their families and friends, and research advocates on June 11 at 4:30 p.m. in La Jolla, Calif. The open house, titled “The Science Behind Immunotherapy,” will focus on revealing the latest discoveries and breakthroughs from our cancer center's laboratories on harnessing the body's own immune system to treat cancer.

The evening will also feature guided lab tours and an informal reception, featuring healthy snacks and refreshing beverages. Guests are invited to speak directly with cancer scientists, as well as join one, or all of the guided tours offered. Tours will include:

What is a "Microenvironment" and Why Does it Matter? Defining the outside and inside signals driving B-cell 
lymphoma Tour leader: Robert Rickert, Ph.D., professor and director of the Tumor Microenvironment and Metastasis Program


Befriending Viruses and Learning Their Secrets Viruses teach us how to design drugs and target cancer Tour leader: Carl Ware, Ph.D., professor and director of the Infectious and Inflammatory Disease Center

The Immunology of T Cell Responses Against Cancer and Viruses Waking up your immune system to kill tumors and viruses Tour leader: Roberto Tinoco, Ph.D., postdoctoral associate in the Immunity and Pathogenesis Program

Please join us for this exceptional event! Space is limited. Register here to attend this free event!


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