Pedal the Cause donates $1.3 million for cancer research in San Diego

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Sanford Burnham Prebys riders help raise much needed funds.

Big wheels kept on turning for miles and miles this past September, and with every turn a rider made, more money was raised for crucial cancer research. SBP was proud to have a team of riders take part in the 2015 Pedal the Cause bike race. 11 people rode for SBP, three more were virtual riders (raised money but did not ride) and more than 10 folks volunteered at the two-day event. Team SBP raised $23,243 in 2015, and close to $106,000 in the three years they have been involved. James Short of Communications and Brian James of the Cancer Center were co-captains.

“I rode for several family members, including my wife. I am very happy to say that after her cancer treatment, she joined the ride,” SBP co-captain James Short said. “She’s in great health now.”

Team SBP was also part of the Pedal the Cause’s “Ride for a Child” program, riding for 10 year-old Luke. Soon after the youngster finished his treatments for bone cancer, team members took him and members of his family to Birch Aquarium at Scripps for a sea-filled adventure. It was a beautiful day that solidified the need for more research to find additional treatments for all types of cancer. *see blog post here.

Team SBP is already gearing up for Pedal the Cause 2016, and is always looking to expand. Come on out!

Pedal the Cause San Diego is set for November 12 & 13, 2016. Registration will open in the spring.

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