Svasti Haricharan joins the very first Stop & Talk podcast

| Written by Susan Gammon
split screen of Svasti Haricharan with stop & talk logo

Svasti Haricharan, Ph.D., was the first guest on Stop & Talk—a new podcast offered by The Conrad Prebys Foundation. In the broadcast, Svasti shares how she came to be a research leader in therapy-resistant breast cancer and how race affects clinical outcomes.

Early in her career, Svasti would have to present her research over IPA beers in the UK. (She learned to love beer as she connected with her scientific community.) While completing her postdoctoral training in Texas, her boss asked her to help him write a grant application on cancer disparities and how race affects cancer outcomes. At the time, she had no idea that this was an issue because no one had ever brought it up in her 12 years of training. Since then, she’s taken a deep dive into who gets studied, why, and how to ensure that we help more people in the general population living with cancer.

Join Svasti and Grant Oliphant, the CEO of The Conrad Prebys Foundation, for this important conversation about diversity, science, changing the world, and what it means to be open to multiple viewpoints.


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