Darren "Ben" Finlay, Ph.D.


Darren "Ben" Finlay, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor
Scientific Director

Darren "Ben" Finlay's Research Focus

Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Skin Cancer and Melanoma, Leukemia/Lymphoma, Lung Cancer

Dr. Finlay's research is focused on apoptosis (programmed cell death) and how this process can be manipulated to kill cancer cells.

Darren "Ben" Finlay's Bio


University College Dublin
B.Sc. and Ph.D., Pharmacology, cell and molecular biology, signal transduction and cancer, First Class Honors

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Novel HTS strategy identifies TRAIL-sensitizing compounds acting specifically through the caspase-8 apoptotic axis.

Finlay D, Richardson RD, Landberg LK, Howes AL, Vuori K

PLoS One 2010 Oct 12 ;5(10):e13375

Sceptrin, a marine natural compound, inhibits cell motility in a variety of cancer cell lines.

Cipres A, O'Malley DP, Li K, Finlay D, Baran PS, Vuori K

ACS Chem Biol 2010 Feb 19 ;5(2):195-202

Caspase-8 as a potential mediator of pro-tumorigenic signals.

Finlay D, Howes A, Vuori K

Cell Cycle 2009 Nov 1 ;8(21):3441-2

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Suppression of Ah Receptor (AhR) increases the aggressiveness of TNBC cells and 11-Cl-BBQ-activated AhR inhibits their growth.

Elson DJ, Nguyen BD, Korjeff NA, Wilferd SF, Puig-Sanvicens V, Sang Jang H, Bernales S, Chakravarty S, Belmar S, Ureta G, Finlay D, Plaisier CL, Kolluri SK

Biochem Pharmacol 2023 Sep ;215:115706

Induction of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor-Mediated Cancer Cell-Selective Apoptosis in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells by a High-Affinity Benzimidazoisoquinoline.

Elson DJ, Nguyen BD, Bernales S, Chakravarty S, Jang HS, Korjeff NA, Zhang Y, Wilferd SF, Castro DJ, Plaisier CL, Finlay D, Oshima RG, Kolluri SK

ACS Pharmacol Transl Sci 2023 Jul 14 ;6(7):1028-1042

Single-cell multiomics reveals the complexity of TGFβ signalling to chromatin in iPSC-derived kidney organoids.

Davis JL, Kennedy C, Clerkin S, Treacy NJ, Dodd T, Moss C, Murphy A, Brazil DP, Cagney G, Brougham DF, Murad R, Finlay D, Vuori K, Crean J

Commun Biol 2022 Nov 27 ;5(1):1301

11-Cl-BBQ, a select modulator of AhR-regulated transcription, suppresses lung cancer cell growth via activation of p53 and p27(Kip1).

Nguyen BD, Stevens BL, Elson DJ, Finlay D, Gamble JT, Kopparapu PR, Tanguay RL, Buermeyer AB, Kerkvliet NI, Kolluri SK

FEBS J 2023 Apr ;290(8):2064-2084

Detection of TP53 Mutation in Acute Myeloid Leukemia by RT-PCR-Based Sanger Sequencing.

Novak ER, Deshpande A, Finlay D, Mason JR, Deshpande AJ, Adams PD, Li S

Methods Mol Biol 2023 ;2594:87-95

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