Kevin Tharp, Ph.D.

Kevin Tharp's Research Focus

Actin Cytoskeleton, Adipocyte Differentiation, Aging, Apoptosis and Cell Death, Cancer Biology, Cancer-Associated Glycans, Cancer Metabolism, Cell Differentiation, Cell Adhesion and Migration, Extracellular Matrix, Glycosylation, Inflammation, Integrins, Combinatorial Therapies, Cell Signaling, Damage-Associated Molecular Patterns, Metabolic Networks, Mitochondrial Biology, Innate Immunity, Organic/Synthetic/Medicinal Chemistry, Stress Response Pathways, Tumor Microenvironment, Tumorigenesis
Mammary Gland, Adipose Tissue, Vasculature, General Cell Biology, Immune System and Inflammation
Human, Human Cell Lines, Mouse, Mouse Cell Lines, Primary Cells, C. elegans


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