From tobacco to alcohol to opioids, Sanford Burnham Prebys researchers are pursuing novel leads and promising therapies to treat addiction

Addiction is perhaps the most and least visible of public health crises in the United States. Tens of millions of Americans are addicted to illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other substances including opioids, with both immediate and long-term harm to not just themselves, but also family, friends and society.

“DNA loops” in pediatric brain tumors double relapse risk

Unique DNA loops found outside regular chromosomes are linked to poor clinical outcomes in aggressive childhood brain cancers. The new study, led by Lukas Chavez and published in Nature Genetics, may transform the treatment of these rare cancers.

Copycat nutrient leaves pancreatic tumors starving

A study led by Institute scientists suggests an entirely new approach to treat pancreatic cancer. The research shows that feeding tumors a copycat of an important nutrient starves them of the fuel they need to survive and grow.

How liver cells become scarring, and worse

Zeroing in on hepatic myofibroblasts while simultaneously addressing the underlying cause(s) of liver damage may be the key to reversing liver fibrosis. A new review by David Brenner, M.D., describes the emerging therapeutic approach.