New algorithm can predict diabetic kidney disease

Researchers from Sanford Burnham Prebys and the Chinese University of Hong Kong have developed a computational approach to predict whether a person with type 2 diabetes will develop kidney disease.

Reviving exhausted T cells to tackle immunotherapy-resistant cancers

One of the biggest goals of immunotherapy is to reverse T cell exhaustion to boost the immune system’s ability to destroy cancerous cells. Researchers at Sanford Burnham Prebys studying melanoma have found a new way to make this happen.

Taking a 3D view of the genome may help treat pediatric brain cancers

Sanford Burnham Prebys researchers have a new way of looking at childhood brain tumors—and it’s revealing new avenues to treat them.

Charles Spruck awarded $1.7M to advance “ancient virus” treatment for prostate cancer

With the help of a new grant from the U.S. Department of Defense for more than $1.7 million, Associate Professor Charles Spruck, Ph.D., will advance an innovative therapeutic approach for metastatic prostate cancer.

Heart attack study could change the game in regenerative medicine

The breakthrough findings solve a known problem for scientists working on cellular reprogramming, one of the most promising areas of regenerative medicine