scientists at work

"SBP has reached new heights of excellence, thanks to our outstanding talent.

Our entrepreneurial spirit fuels scientific discoveries that become tomorrow's cures."

Kristiina Vuori, M.D., Ph.D.
President, SBP

Culture and Values

Working at SBP

With nearly 800 scientists and staff, we're a world-class research institute that’s still small enough that people know and support each other. We take pride in offering competitive salaries and benefits that provide flexibility for the diverse and changing needs of our staff. What’s more, we are located in a science and technology hotbed. It's a remarkable city that also just happens to be a beautiful place to live.


Our Collaborative Spirit

SBP's collaborative spirit extends from the laboratory to everything we do here, as we work together to support and advance science. Whether you’re interested in joining our distinguished scientists to make your next discovery or supporting the scientists who do, we encourage you to explore current opportunities at SBP.

Our Values: the 5 C's

Our culture is based on five values that guide who we are and what we do. As part of SBP you’re part of a special organization that believes in and lives collaboration, commitment, communication, community and compassion. These values are in our DNA.

Our commitment to outstanding science is strong and unwavering, requiring extraordinary passion and a commitment to creativity and innovation.


Collaboration is the cornerstone of our organization. It enhances the ability of the individual to contribute and aligns all of us in the pursuit of our research mission.


Commitment to communication is fundamental to our success. It fosters trust, clarity, inclusion, and better decision-making.


We recognize the significance of the individual to our mission and hold ourselves accountable to provide a supportive environment for our colleagues so that they can perform to their fullest.


Underlying everything we do is the fundamental quest to improve human health and reduce suffering from disease through the scientific discoveries we make.