NCI-Designated Cancer Center

Education and training
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Education and training

The Cancer Center at Sanford Burnham Prebys is dedicated to training the next generation of cancer researchers and to increasing science literacy in the community we serve. We provide a continuum of training opportunities that range from high school and undergrad students, graduate students, postdoctoral trainees and fellows, to our junior and senior faculty. Our educational programs are designed to engage scientific interest in the community and to prepare our trainees and faculty to become leaders in the fight against cancer. We are committed to creating an inclusive, respectful, and stimulating academic environment where everyone can reach their highest potential.
Kevin Yip, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Education and Training

Community engagement

Through our Cancer Center open houses, public events, and broad audience seminars we aim to inform the community about the most recent advances in cancer research.

Our Community Advisory Board provides advocacy, patient perspectives and is a critical partner in our community engagement efforts.

Senior faculty

The Cancer Center at Sanford Burnham Prebys recognizes that the continuous development of our faculty is essential to build a rewarding career and is paramount to the success of our institution. Our senior scientists have access to peer advisory groups, executive team retreats and leadership and development activities that foster professional growth.  Workshops on new scientific technologies from our shared scientific cores, networking opportunities with other institutions to foster interdisciplinary collaborations, and exposure to multiple internal and external seminar series are some of the opportunities that support our scientist careers and development. 

Junior faculty

The Cancer Center at Sanford Burnham Prebys has several initiatives to nurture and mentor its junior faculty to support their career success. Our early career scientists participate in formal luncheons with senior faculty to discuss challenges, opportunities, grant submission and training. Our junior faculty also participate in program meetings, faculty luncheons and retreats, and have access to peer advisory groups and workshops on a wide range of topics from leadership and grantsmanship, to our scientific core technologies. Opportunities to teach in our institute graduate school program provide junior faculty to the tools to develop their educational and mentoring skills and participation in the organization of institutional events such as annual symposiums, seminar series, and cancer center faculty retreats contribute to the development of their organization and networking skills.

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The Cancer Center acknowledges at Sanford Burnham Prebys that postdoctoral training is critical for biomedical research and an essential step in the successful development of a scientific career. Our Cancer Center provides a unique research environment where postdoctoral fellows participate in state-of-the-art-cancer research programs combining basic and translational science. Our trainees can choose to join our association of postdoctoral scientists and graduate students (SBP-SN) and have access to multiple career exploration and preparation workshops, leadership development and training opportunities offered by our Office of Education, Training, & International Services.

Postdoctoral fellows can also participate in our shared core technology workshops, seminar series, and career mentorship opportunities offered in collaboration with our NCI Cancer Center Council partners. Multiple fellowship opportunities are also available for postdoctoral trainees at the Cancer Center at Sanford Burnham Prebys , including our NIH-sponsored T32 training grants, our Eric Dudl Scholarship, our Fishman Fund Fellowship and Career Development Awards. We are committed to maintaining a diverse and inclusive postdoctoral community that fosters creativity, encourages collaboration and supports career development.
Cancer Center Postdoctoral Training Opportunities

Graduate education

Sanford Burnham Prebys has a Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences that is interwoven with our Cancer Center. Graduate students can train in our Cancer Research laboratories, and take advantage of seminars, courses and workshops organized by our Cancer Center. The Sanford Burnham Prebys Graduate Program's vision includes a focus on state-of-the-art technology, an entrepreneurial mindset and a highly personalized program, dedicated to educating the next generation of outstanding biomedical scientists who will drive future cutting-edge basic and translational research.

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Undergraduate and high school internships

Our focus on education also extends to train the next generation of cancer research leaders. We provide opportunities for undergraduate and high school students from diverse backgrounds to learn about cancer from our research scientists at different levels of their careers. Our programs foster the interactions between dedicated students and our cancer scientists and provide them hands-on laboratory experience in cancer research.

Undergraduate and High School Internships