Human Genetics Program

José Luis Millán, Ph.D. and young patient

Gene effects

Most genetic disorders are present from birth and are quite rare, often affecting only one person in every several thousand or million.

While some of these genetic diseases are well known, such as sickle cell anemia and cystic fibrosis, others are so rare that there is only one affected person in the world. Whether a genetic disease affects thousands or just one person, there are many challenges for patients, their families, and caregivers, including the time it takes for many patients to get a correct diagnosis. 

Director's statement

Our focus is on the discovery of new genetic disorders and improving our understanding of those we already know. Using zebrafish, mouse models, patient cells and stem cell technologies, we are probing the pathological mechanisms of genetic disorders to address unanswered questions. Our fundamental research has led to clinically useful diagnostic tests and novel therapies for patients. Strong patient and advocacy relations serve as a foundation for our goal to shed light on the obscure paths of genetic disorders and provide solid information and guidance.

– Hudson Freeze, Ph.D., Program Director


Research Assistant Professors

Fumitoshi Irie


Inhibition of Tissue-Nonspecific Alkaline Phosphatase Attenuates Ectopic Mineralization in the Abcc6(-/-) Mouse Model of PXE but Not in the Enpp1 Mutant Mouse Models of GACI.

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A mammalian homolog of the zebrafish transmembrane protein 2 (TMEM2) is the long-sought-after cell-surface hyaluronidase.

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A Recurrent De Novo Heterozygous COG4 Substitution Leads to Saul-Wilson Syndrome, Disrupted Vesicular Trafficking, and Altered Proteoglycan Glycosylation.

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Metabolic clogging of mannose triggers dNTP loss and genomic instability in human cancer cells.

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Tmem2 Deficiency Leads to Enamel Hypoplasia and Soft Enamel in Mouse.

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Elevated oxysterol and N-palmitoyl-O-phosphocholineserine levels in congenital disorders of glycosylation.

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Gene Therapy Using Recombinant AAV Type 8 Vector Encoding TNAP-D(10) Improves the Skeletal Phenotypes in Murine Models of Osteomalacia.

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Increased PHOSPHO1 and alkaline phosphatase expression during the anabolic bone response to intermittent parathyroid hormone delivery.

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