Offering cryo-EM services and instrumentation to both academic and commercial users.

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The newly revamped Cryo-EM core facility located at Sanford Burnham Prebys in La Jolla, California, San Diego area, offers cryo-EM services and instrumentation to both academic and commercial users. State-of-the-art instruments include a ThermoFisher Titan Krios with a Gatan K3 camera, a Tecnai T12 transmission electron microscope, as well as a Vitrobot Mark IV for sample vitrification and preparation. The facility is currently optimized for single particle analysis (SPA) workflows and offers cryo-EM solutions for basic research as well as drug discovery in collaboration with the Conrad Prebys Center at Sanford Burnham Prebys.

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  • Full imaging services
    You supply the sample and relevant information. Experienced facility staff will prepare negative stain or vitrified samples, carry out screening, and collect data. Image processing can be done by you or our facility staff.
  • Instrument access only
    You are trained on proper instrument procedures. After that, you can schedule time on the different instruments independently (excluding the Krios).
  • Flexible services
    For example, you can use our sample vitrification system (Vitrobot Mark IV) to prepare cryo-EM sample grids, then facility staff carries out data collection. 

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  • Titan Krios with Gatan K3 direct electron detector
    This 300kV cryo-electron microscope with a 3-condenser lens system is primarily used to collect high-resolution SPA data.
  • Tecnai T12 with Eagle 4K CCD
    This 120kV electron microscope is primarily used for imaging negative stained samples. This is an important step to get samples ready for Cryo-EM or can sometimes be used as the final imaging result.

Sample preparation

  • Vitrobot Mark IV
    The Vitrobot is a semi-automated vitrification system for Cryo-EM samples. It’s control of process parameters like humidity and temperature can help with preparing reproducible sample grids.

Price List

Full imaging service
(facility staff does the imaging etc. for you)
Krios data collection per 24 hours $1462.05 $2848.29
Krios screening per hour $132.36 $257.85
T12 imaging per hour $120.15 $234.07
Sample grid preparation using Vitrobot per hour $103.95 $202.51
neg. staining grid preparation per hour $85.73 $167.01
Usage rates
(user does the imaging etc. themselves)
Krios per 24 hours $1140.58 $2222.02
T12 per hour $34.43 $67.07
Vitrobot per hour $18.23 $35.51
Consultation per hour $87.73 $167.01
Training per hour $128.59 $250.51
Supplies at cost at cost


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Please call Laura Koepping at (858) 646-3100 ext 5097 or use the button below to send an email.

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