Three big questions for cutting-edge biologist Will Wang

Will Wang’s works at the intersection of biology and computer science to study how complex systems of cells interact and how these systems contribute to neuromuscular disease

STEM Shadow Day gives diverse students an inside look at Sanford Burnham Prebys

The day included lab tours for prospective graduate students and workshops for local high school students, all from underrepresented backgrounds

Yasuyuki Kihara wins a dream award

Research Assistant Professor Yasuyuki Kihara, Ph.D., has won an Eicosanoid Research Foundation (ERF) Young Investigator Award, an award for researchers working in lipid biology.

Thank you, Jim Blair!

Last month, our incredibly dedicated Board Chair, James C. Blair, Ph.D., stepped down after four years of fearless leadership.

Brain cancer researcher Jia Zack Shen wins 2022 Eric Dudl scholarship

The award honors the late postdoctoral researcher Eric Dudl, who devoted the last years of his life to cancer research