NCI-Designated Cancer Center

Shared Resources
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Technology supporting the three programs

The nine shared resources of our Cancer Center are specialized service facilities that support the cancer research efforts of our members, as well as other nonprofit and for-profit investigators in cancer research.


Animal Resources

  • Animal Facility
    Vivarium with full-service husbandry (colony management, breeding, weaning, tail samples), and procedures, including injections, bleeds, tumor measurements, and surgeries
  • Animal Imaging & Analysis
    Live animal imaging utilizing luminescence, fluorescence, ultrasound, and X-rays. Hematology (CBC) and blood chemistry analysis
  • Tumor Analysis
    Supports xenograft tumor studies including PDX, testing of anti-tumor compound efficacy, deriving cell cultures from PDX models for HTS analysis

Cell Imaging and Histology

  • Cell Imaging
    11 microscopes: Nikon super resolution/confocal system, three additional confocal systems (including multi-photon), bright field, fluorescence, FRET, laser TIRF, live cell imaging.  Microscopes integrated with image capture systems and advanced image analysis software.
  • Histology
    Fixed/frozen sections, automated staining for H&E and IHC, laser capture, high resolution slide scanning (bright field and fluorescence), assistance with tissue acquisition, including TMAs

Structural Biology

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
    Includes a 700 MHz instrument for solid state analysis, two 600 MHz instruments, and an automated 400 MHz instrument
  • Crystallography
    Imaging incubators, X-ray generator with detector
  • Protein Analysis
    Includes micro-ITC, microscale thermophoresis, Creoptix GCI, DSC, and Analytical Ultracentrifugation
  • Cryo-EM
    Cryogenic electron microscopy with a Titan Krios (Gatan K3 DDD) and a Tecnai T12 (Eagle 4K CCD)

Flow Cytometry

  • Flow Cytometry
    Core staff operate two BD cell sorters with up to 16 colors, which are housed in biosafety enclosures. There are also five analytical cytometers with up to 18 colors (three equipped with plate loaders), and an Amnis imaging flow cytometer


  • Genomics
    Next-gen sequencing analysis including library prep, sequencing (Illumina NextSeq 500), single-cell sequencing (10X and Bio-Rad ddSeq), and data analysis. Full-service Q-PCR, NanoString nCounter, STR cell line verification, shared analytical equipment


  • Proteomics
    Analysis from simple protein IDs to characterizing proteome-wide PTMs. Automated sample prep, advanced Thermo LC-MS systems include two Fusion Lumos Tribrids, Velos Elite, QExactive plus, and Quantiva.  Hardware and software for proteomics data analysis.


  • Bioinformatics
    Informatics, statistical, and pathway analysis of large ‘omics datasets, data mining, systems biology, investigator training.  Dedicated HPC cluster and data storage, shared tools including Qiagen Omicsoft Suite, Ingenuity Pathways, NextBio/Illumina Correlation Engine, GeneGo Metacore

Functional Genomics

  • Functional Genomics
    siRNA/shRNA/miRNA/cDNA/CRISPR libraries, HTS assay development and screening, hit follow-up, CRISPR-engineered cell lines, production of viral vectors (lentivirus, retrovirus, adenovirus, AAV)

Cancer Metabolism

  • Cancer Metabolism
    Measurements of metabolic flux (GC-MS), major metabolites, and cellular respiration

Chemical Library Screening

(no longer a Shared Resource, but part of the collaboration with the Prebys Center)
  • Assay Development
    Assists in designing, developing, and and implementing HTS assays in 384/1536 well formats, utilizing a wide variety of assay types, and also supports follow-up SAR studies
  • Medicinal Chemistry
    Custom compound synthesis, library design/synthesis, guidance in hit to lead
  • Chemical Library & High-Throughput Screening
    Broad and focused libraries of compounds, including cancer-targeted drugs/compounds.  Biochemical and cell-based HTS utilizing extensive robotics and assay instrumentation
  • High Content Screening
    Develops, performs and analyzes high throughput microscopy-based assays on fixed or live cells, utilizing a PE Opera Phenix with integrated robotics or several other HCS systems


Additional Institute and External Shared Resources