System used in collecting high resolution diffraction data from native and inhibitor-bound crystals or testing and optimizing diffraction quality and screening for further data collection at synchrotron sources.

X Ray Crystallography Lab Bench


The X-ray Crystallography Facility is equipped with a Rigaku FR-E SuperBright Ultra high-intensity rotating anode generator, and utilizes both ports with two independent diffraction stations that can run simultaneously. Each station is equipped with an X-stream cryogenic system for standard low temperature (~100 K) data collection. The system is used to collect high resolution diffraction data from native and inhibitor-bound crystals or to test and optimize diffraction quality (cryo-protectant conditions, etc.) and screen for further data collection at synchrotron sources.


Mainly for self-usage by trained users

Equipment & Resources

  • FR-E SuperBright X-Ray generator
  • R-Axis HTC three-image plate detector
  • R-Axis IV two-image plate detector
  • Phoenix microdrop liquid handling system
  • Formulatrix incubators with automated image analysis for detecting crystal growth

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Scientific Director
Facility Manager


Jinghua Yu, Ph.D.
Dr. Yu has been the Manager of NMR Facility and Crystallography Facility since May 2003. She received her Ph.D in physics/biophysics from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, and had Postdoc training at UCSF with Dr. Thomas James. She has a background in physics and biophysics, about 20 years experience in NMR spectroscopy and over 10 years in managing Crystallography Facility. She is responsible for the daily operations of the two facilities, including maintaining NMR spectrometers and X-ray diffraction equipment, scheduling NMR and X-ray instrument time, setting up NMR experiments for users, and troubleshooting hardware and software problems. She also provides consultation with investigators on the feasibility of NMR for structural studies of protein candidates, as well as the optimal methods to obtain solution structures and binding information by multi-dimensional NMR techniques. She has trained and helped many users in data acquisition, processing, and spectral analysis.

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