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We facilitate collaborations, partnerships, contracts, and commercialization of technology.

Partnering with SBP provides access to deep biological insights and cutting edge translational technology.

Science Benefiting patients

At Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) we take a multi-disciplinary approach to understand the mechanisms of disease from every possible angle, leading to new insights, ideas and therapeutic targets for further exploration. To maximize the potential of translating our high-impact science into important medical technology that benefits patients, SBP seeks highly collaborative, long-term relationships with industry and other partners (e.g., foundations, patient groups, etc). Together with partners, SBP sets aggressive goals and develops multi-disciplinary projects aimed at well-defined topics to ensure our science meets the needs of patients.



Partner of Choice

  • Faculty, staff­ scientists, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and support staff­ – who work collaboratively for the benefit of patients
  • Deep biological insight to pathways and targets
  • Experiments done right the first time
  • Timelines and Go/No-go decision points
  • Pharma-grade drug discovery
  • Non-bureaucratic, collaborative, trusted way of working
  • Mission focused organization - Not-for-profit independent research institute
  • Fair IP strategy
  • First-in-class projects
  • Unique technologies
  • Diverse types of relationships
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Partnering in Early Stage R&D

At Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, we bring together both fundamental biomedical research and robust drug discovery capabilities in pursuit of translational medicine. Collaborative relationships provide our partners direct access to the knowledge, capabilities and expertise in the Institute’s core research areas of cancer, neuroscience, immunity, metabolic disorders and rare diseases. Building on this foundation of biology expertise and disease research, SBP has extensive drug discovery capabilities, providing the means to turn biological insight into novel drug candidates.



Medical Discovery
Drug Discovery


Drug Discovery Pipeline
We aim to discover and develop first in class novel therapeutics. Through our drug discovery programs at the Prebys Center and the Translational Medicine Accelerator, we have established a broad pipeline of novel programs ranging from discovery to lead optimization and candidate selection in SBP’s core research areas of cancer, neuroscience, immunity, metabolic disorders and rare diseases. We seek partnerships to collaboratively develop these new medicines. We partner with most large pharma, many biotechs, disease foundations, government agencies, and other institutions.


SBP Drug Discovery Pipeline
Prebys Center
Shared Resources

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Alliance Management

We prioritize maintaining robust relationships with our partners. The Strategic Alliance group ensures that collaborations with partner organizations are well managed. We help leadership tap into sources of innovation within the Institute, identify ways they could align with the interests of biotech and pharma, and communicate the potential benefits of joining forces. When new partnerships are solidified, we help negotiate contracts, establish governance and determine the cadence for each project to ensure that all involved have similar expectations of outcomes and timelines.