Anthony Pinkerton, Ph.D.

Anthony Pinkerton

Anthony Pinkerton, Ph.D.

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Drug Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacokinetics, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Pharmacodynamics, Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Combinatorial Chemistry, Drug Delivery, Fragment-Based Drug Design, Mass Spectrometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR), Rational Drug Design
Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders, Structural Biology

Dr. Pinkerton is currently leading the chemistry efforts on a broad range of targets across multiple therapeutic areas at Sanford Burnham Prebys. Some recent examples of programs underway include tissue nonspecific alkaline phosphatase (TNAP) inhibitors in collaboration with Jose Luis Millan and pharmaceutical industry partners, selective neurotensin receptor 1 (NTR1) modulators in collaboration with Marc Caron and Larry Barak (Duke University), and selective inhibitors of low molecular weight protein tyrosine phosphatase (LMPTP) in collaboration with Nunzio Bottini and Stephanie Stanford (UCSD).

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Publications and patents



Publications and patents

Anthony Pinkerton's Bio

Dr. Pinkerton’s career in industry began as a medicinal chemist at the Merck Research Laboratories in San Diego. Over his career, Tony has worked in multiple therapeutic areas including CNS, virology, diabetes, inflammation, and oncology, with extensive experience in GPCRs. He has been both project leader and project manager for oncology, virology and diabetes targets, as well as chemistry lead for the metabolic disease therapeutic area group, in which he helped a team identify and prosecute the most promising new targets in the field. In addition, Tony has led the IP strategy around multiple chemical series and programs. Tony is an inventor or co-inventor on over 40 patents or patent applications covering small molecule therapeutics, as well as over 70 publications. During his career he has helped advance multiple compounds into clinical development.

Tony originally trained as a synthetic organic chemist in the laboratories of Dieter Seebach at ETH-Zurich (where he was a Fulbright Scholar) and Barry Trost at Stanford University, where he earned his Ph.D. in chemistry in 2001. While at Stanford he developed new metal catalyzed reactions and completed the total synthesis of several natural products.

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ML314: A Biased Neurotensin Receptor Ligand for Methamphetamine Abuse.

Barak LS, Bai Y, Peterson S, Evron T, Urs NM, Peddibhotla S, Hedrick MP, Hershberger P, Maloney PR, Chung TD, Rodriguiz RM, Wetsel WC, Thomas JB, Hanson GR, Pinkerton AB, Caron MG

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PPAR-δ is repressed in Huntington's disease, is required for normal neuronal function and can be targeted therapeutically.

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Nat Med 2016 Jan ;22(1):37-45

Identification of a selective inhibitor of murine intestinal alkaline phosphatase (ML260) by concurrent ultra-high throughput screening against human and mouse isozymes.

Ardecky RJ, Bobkova EV, Kiffer-Moreira T, Brown B, Ganji S, Zou J, Pass I, Narisawa S, Iano FG, Rosenstein C, Cheltsov A, Rascon J, Hedrick M, Gasior C, Forster A, Shi S, Dahl R, Vasile S, Su Y, Sergienko E, Chung TDY, Kaunitz J, Hoylaerts MF, Pinkerton AB, Millán JL

Bioorg Med Chem Lett 2014 Feb 1 ;24(3):1000-1004

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Neurotensin receptor 1-biased ligand attenuates neurotensin-mediated excitation of ventral tegmental area dopamine neurons and dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens.

Singhal SM, Zell V, Faget L, Slosky LM, Barak LS, Caron MG, Pinkerton AB, Hnasko TS

Neuropharmacology 2023 Apr 11 ;234:109544

Neurotensin Receptor Allosterism Revealed in Complex with a Biased Allosteric Modulator.

Krumm BE, DiBerto JF, Olsen RHJ, Kang HJ, Slocum ST, Zhang S, Strachan RT, Huang XP, Slosky LM, Pinkerton AB, Barak LS, Caron MG, Kenakin T, Fay JF, Roth BL

Biochemistry 2023 Apr 4 ;62(7):1233-1248

An Optimized Dihydrodibenzothiazepine Lead Compound (SBI-0797750) as a Potent and Selective Inhibitor of Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase 6-Phosphogluconolactonase.

Berneburg I, Peddibhotla S, Heimsch KC, Haeussler K, Maloney P, Gosalia P, Preuss J, Rahbari M, Skorokhod O, Valente E, Ulliers D, Simula LF, Buchholz K, Hedrick MP, Hershberger P, Chung TDY, Jackson MR, Schwarzer E, Rahlfs S, Bode L, Becker K, Pinkerton AB

Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2022 Apr 19 ;66(4):e0210921

Discovery of DS68702229 as a Potent, Orally Available NAMPT (Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase) Activator.

Akiu M, Tsuji T, Iida K, Sogawa Y, Terayama K, Yokoyama M, Tanaka J, Asano D, Honda T, Sakurai K, Pinkerton AB, Nakamura T

Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo) 2021 ;69(11):1110-1122

The Compound SBI-0090799 Inhibits Zika Virus Infection by Blocking De Novo Formation of the Membranous Replication Compartment.

Riva L, Goellner S, Biering SB, Huang CT, Rubanov AN, Haselmann U, Warnes CM, De Jesus PD, Martin-Sancho L, Terskikh AV, Harris E, Pinkerton AB, Bartenschlager R, Chanda SK

J Virol 2021 Oct 27 ;95(22):e0099621

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